Jim Windle – bass guitar - vocals

Jim started singing and playing gigs for money at the ripe old age of 12 as a kid blues singer for a Brantford band known as the Vikings. The others in the band were much older but they accepted Jim as their front (man).

When a bass player was needed Jim picked up the instrument and taught himself to play. Through the next several bands, over the next several years, Jim played with most of the current members of Whisky Hollow at one time or another.

Len and Jim met and started writing songs together thirty years ago and needed some musicians to demo these tunes to reel to reel. The result was the original four members of Whisky Hollow.

Things evolved and they began recording some of the songs Len and Jim composed including their first single “Cinderella” which did surprisingly well regionally. That spawned their first album recorded at Thunder Sound in Toronto and then a second, produced by the legendary producer Daniel Lanois at Grant Avenue Sound in Hamilton before he became a legend.

 Lanois went on to produce Bob Dylan, Robbie Robertson, U2, Peter Gabriel and so many others. “It was nice that we were able to help launch his career,” jokes Windle.

Jim left the music scene for a number of years to pursue his spiritual search. During that time he served several area churches as musical director and was even called to a large church in Surrey BC to help transition their music program from hymns to a more contemporary style. He also recorded a solo gospel album of his original songs.

Even during this time, Jim always wanted one last kick at the can for Whisky Hollow. After years of trying to convince Len to put a reunion show together, he finally relented and they contacted the other former members of the band and in September of 2006, the Whisky Hollow reunion show became a reality and sold out three weeks before the event.

Jim and Len wanted to keep the show together and asked the rest of the reunion band if they were interested. They were, and the “New” Whisky Hollow was born.

Jim has continued to write songs and has been able to collaborate on a number of tunes with some Nashville songwriters as well as with Bill Champlin of the super group, “Chicago”. Some of his collaborations with Champlin have been recently recorded by other artists.

“I love working with the guys from Hollow again after so many years,” says Windle. “I don’t know how long it will last but I’ll be milking every good time I can out of it. This time its just for the fun of it.”



80’s video Alabama Party



70’s video Ladies