Jerry Ammerman - original drummer


 As was everyone who experienced the 60's explosion in music and it's influence on the social scene Jerry was caught up in the British invasion of the Rolling Stones, Beatles, Animals and all that came after while in High School.

He got together with a few similar minded school friends and decided to play drums as they started their garage band era, only in this case it was usually in Jerry's mother's basement where the adventure took hold.

School and church type gigs followed and the band name changed quite often in order to facilitate the bookings and the need to appear fresh on the scene.

One of the high points during this era was to share the stage with "Mandala" a popular group of the day and meeting the now legendary guitar player Dominic Triona.

College soon put an end to that and was Jerry's main focus for the next three years. Jerry returned to Brantford after graduating college and got a call from Bob Silverthorne who had played previously with Jerry and asked him to audition for the drummer position of a band named "Twilite" of which Jerry did audition and got the position .Twilite progressed in time through some personnel changes and evolved into "Whisky Hollow" where Jerry was the drummer for the duration of the bands rise through the 70's and 80's until the band went on hiatus.

Jerry retired his professional music career at the end of that time and at times thinks he may some day get back into it.

You Never Know !!



80ís video Alabama Party



70ís video Ladies