Guy Wilkes (Wilky) - Guitar/Slide/Harmonica/Vocals


Wilky is a "Paid his Dues" player who has been "Bending & Busting" strings for some 40 years now.

Wilky and that sleeper guitar of his, leave a trail of smoke everywhere they go.

Having been influenced by southern rock, blues and country, Wilky has managed to carve out his own gut-wrenching style, and combined with strong vocals, gives him the room to let his creative side loose. Along with the rest of the guys in Whisky Hollow, Wilky is keeping busy writing and arranging some new tunes for an upcoming CD release.

 In his younger years an ice skating accident ruined Wilky’s career in the sports field and he was encouraged by his mother to take steel guitar lessons.

He took that advice and followed through faithfully until he met a guitar picker by the name of Dennis Clement. It was Dennis who introduced him to the hollow body spanish guitar. His Mother saw how intent he was and bought him his 1st Fender Telecaster Guitar and a Rickenbacker amp.

From there Dennis and Wilky put together a band which eventually became the "Exotics" with Jack Maher, John Yakamak (Taylor), Neil Snyder and later on with Ross Goyit and Len Wilde.

They became the house band for the "Teddy Bear Club" and got to open for top Canadian, American and British bands of the early 60's. During those days Guy met lifelong friend and drummer Rick Mason. Rick and Guy jammed a bit but didn’t put a band together at that time.

Rick went on to join a Toronto based Rolling Stones Tribute band, " Myna Byrds", whose members included Rick James and Neil Young (Before Buffalo Springfield ).

Wilky moved on at that time to a career with the Brantford Fire Department and music went on hold to a part-time basis. A little while later Lenny and Guy put together a club/dance band called  "Sergeant House" which later included Jimmy Windle. Then, once again, Wilky made the choice to put the music on the back burner.

A few years later he had to go back out and play again and hooked up with Mason in a 4 piece bar band. Wilky just couldn't stay away from it.

When this band was done Guy hooked up with Whisky Hollow and stayed until the early 80's. He became aware with Whisky Hollow that he really enjoyed singing and playing country music. Wilky was having a thrill when Pat Brousseau, who was already a friend of his, became involved as well.

Then along came another friend, Vern “Fatty” Smith, and Guy was having a great run with Whisky Hollow and along came the career again. It was very sad to leave the band . As time went on he once again hooked up with Mason and with some Port Dover boys, he was back playing again in a new band called " Crusade Blues Band." This band was aimed right at the Southern Rock "n" Blues market.

At the time a lot of the FM radio stations were advertising song writing contests and original material contests. Wilky buckled down and scribbled out half a dozen tunes, put them together with Crusade, recorded them locally and was in the top 5 songs, "winning a few", but then the time commitment was an issue once again.

Over the next few years Guy did many fill-ins , some jobs with different country bands, nothing too serious until the band "Delta Shakers". After having a few good years with Delta Shakers he retired from the fire department and layed his guitar down for a rest.

Finding himself missing that passion again he created a band with his son Ritchie Wilkes and Jimmy Windle, called "SouthBound", which kept him busy for a bit. His son was to move on to another style of music, "Hardcore", and Wilky moved on to more fill ins and looking for a place to play.

(Rick) Mason and Wilky revived Crusade Band around this time and had 2 new members to jam with, Donny Hill and Brandon Squires. You will find them doing benefit gigs, special events and anything else that looks interesting.

He then received a call for a "Whisky Hollow Reunion" and he jumped at it with no hesitation and felt things have come full circle for him . The reunion was so inspiring to all the members that they decided to see where the adventure would go.

All band members are super-excited about their new venture and they hope all their friends, families and fans are too.



80’s video Alabama Party



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