BOB SILVERTHORN - Vocals/Guitar/Harmonica


Bob Silverthorn is one of the founding members of Whiskey Hollow and was with the band throughout it's early years.

Bob began playing with a number of Brantford area bands in the early 60's, most notably, the Chevron Sextet where he met Len Wilde. The Chevrons occupied most of his teen years playing at beach resorts, clubs and high schools throughout South-western Ontario.

During those years one of the most popular clubs in the area was the Delhi Belgium Club where the Chevrons landed a gig as the house band. This allowed them to gain stage experience opening for some of the top acts of the day.

After the Chevrons broke up in the late 60's Bob and Len moved on to a dance band known as Danny and the Twilights. Original Whiskey Hollow drummer Jerry Ammerman also played for the Twilights.

In the early 70's when Len and bassist Jim Windle quit their respective bands to dedicate themselves to song writing, Bob and Jerry stayed close and helped demo some of Jim and Len's tunes. That demo band eventually became Whiskey Hollow and began to record and perform not only Wilde and Windle songs but some of Bob's self penned music as well.

After a very successful six year run with Hollow, Bob decided to leave the band to pursue his more traditional country roots.He was replaced by Pierre Maher.

In the years before the reformation of the band in 2006, Bob worked with other notable country acts in the area like Terry Sumsion and Stagecoach, Charlie O'Neill and Harmony Road, eventually ending up with a duo called Stardust which played the service club circuit. He then linked up with Jim and Len to form a trio which they called Old Friends.

When the idea came to put Hollow back together for one special night in September of 2006, Bob agreed and along with the nine other alumini from Whiskey Hollow's ten year run, went back to the old neighbourhood and thrilled a sold out performance which was captured on the band's DVD documentary, Still Smokin'.

Following the performance the band decided to stick together for another date on New Years of that year, after which Bob made the decision to retire on a high note and left the band. Although no longer on stage, Bob's influence on the Whiskey Hollow sound still remains and he, along with Jerry Ammerman who also retired earlier, remain lifetime members of the Whiskey Hollow fraternity.



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